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Send a little sweetness this Eid with Sugargram’s exclusive Eid sleeve. After 30 days of Ramadan detox, your body will be craving for sweet treats! Whether it’s a family member, friend, colleague or neighbour, Sugargram, Dubai’s leading online gifting store is here to spread cheers during the Eid festivities by sending delicious bite size delights to your loved ones that will fulfill all their sweet cravings in one day! Sweetly named after some famous female faces of the glamour world, these bitesize ladies are sure to get their taste buds going.

Charlize Saffron

Tuck into Charlize Saffron. Charlize Theron may be a rebel on screen but every one of us needs a lil sweet to throw in the punches & kicks! With a combination of Saffron & Vanilla, these luscious flavours are sure to keep the villains at bay.

Date Moss

Indulge in a sweet spree with Date Moss. Just like Kate Moss had a huge impact on the fashion world, this unapologetically tasty tiny cupcake will have a huge impact on your dessert.

Love Rosie

A traditional flavoured cupcake decorated with a dainty selection of dates. Are you in awe of Rosie Huntington Whitely’s looks? Do you love nutella? Are you a fan of both? Then you are going to LOVE, Love Rosie. A rose flavoured cupcake, sweet on the outside and even sweeter on the inside with a surprise nutella filling.

Anna Vimtour

Adding a fruity flavour to your Eid celebrations is Anna Vimtour, a Vimto flavoured cake inspired by the love that the Middle East has for the popular drink. The equally popular Anna Wintour is sure to tell you that tiny Vimto cupcakes are definitely ‘in’this season.

Black Chaina

Whilst Black Chyna has been busy trying to keep up with the Kardashians, Sugargram have been busy making a Karak Chai cupcake, Black Chaina. You must try-na!

Make this Eid a memorable one for your peeps with these bite size boxes filled with an assortment of different flavours that will transport them to a heavenly abode of sugar! Sugargrammers can simply log into ChatFood & Deliveroo and the box will be delivered straight to your doorstep!

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